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Commercial Heating Experts

Commercial heating, be it warehouse heating or retail heating, requires the expertise of a commercial heating contractor that you can trust in.

With years of commercial heating installation experience and expert heating engineers, Air Ability are just that. We have an enviable reputation for commercial heating design, installation and service support.

Air Ability will design a commercial heating system that meets your buildings needs. Our commercial heating units are highly efficient and offer years of reliable service.

No matter how simple or complex the task our fully qualified heating engineers will delight in sharing their years of knowledge, inspiring confidence that your choice of commercial heating system is the right one.

Commercial Heating Systems

Warehouse heaters are often floor standing or suspended. These industrial heaters are robust and durable. The heater units are generally free blowing and can be internally or externally sited and ducted to provide efficient space heating. A wide variation of heat outputs, distribution systems (duct, free Factory Heatingblowers or louvre) and energy efficient burners are available - expert advice is a must.

Commercial heater units can be natural gas, LPG or oil fired. Whatever your choice, Air Ability will recommend a heater that is highly efficient and cost effective. For factory heating, warehouse heating or retail heating this is a must.

As independent commercial heating contractors we are not tied to any particular heater manufacturer. Our recommendations are based on experience from countless industrial and commercial heating installations. Of course an extensive knowledge of the latest commercial heating technologies and experience is very important but every installation is different. Only after we have surveyed your premises, established your requirements and carried out the necessary calculations will we make our recommendation for the heating system that is right for you.

Heat Recovery

Mitsubishi Lossnay heat recovery unitThe Mitsubishi Lossnay (MVHR) offers mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Because it can supply fresh air and extract stale air it can help with the effective ventilation of your premises. Simultaneously it can recover valuable heat energy making it highly efficient and providing energy savings.

For more information of this exciting technology speak to our engineers or download the Mitsubishi Lossnay brochure here.

Warehouse Heating and Retail Heating that is Energy Efficient

The high efficiency commercial heaters we recommend meet the efficiency requirements specified by UK Part L2B Building Regulations and will usually be on the Carbon Trust Energy Technology List.

These warm air heaters feature options for energy efficient burners which can deliver possible efficiencies of about 91% net. In combination with a sophisticated control system, optimal design and a high standard of install, this is the opportunity to lower running costs and gain greener premises.

commercial heaters

Applications for Commercial and Industrial Heaters

  • Factory heating - however complex your premises
  • Warehouse heating - however large the area
  • Workshop heating - fast and individual heating solutions
  • Retail heating - bespoke, unobtrusive & effective
  • Restaurant heating - keep your customers happy
  • Office heating - integrated climate control solutions
  • School heating - reliable and cost efficient
  • Commercial heating - be it distribution centre, leisure centre, play area, machine shop, garden centre, restaurant,church, depot or manufacturing facility, we have the installation and service support expertise that matters

Heating System Upgrades and refurbishments

For practical or economic reasons the best solution to meeting a customers requirements will sometimes involve upgrading, adding to or refurbishing existing plant. Air Ability will be pleased to advise, providing a comprehensive schedule of works and quotation.

Commercial Heating Service and Maintenance

Regular servicing and maintenance by fully trained commercial heating engineers is essential to the continued performance and safety of your heating units.

At Air Ability our service does not stop at sale and install. We offer cost effective maintenance and service plans that will help keep your plant in optimum condition and fulfil health and safety obligations. We also support HVAC systems that we have not installed ourselves, so for expert assistance call our friendly engineering team now on 0116 288 4333.

Download: Powrmatic Heaters Technical Specifications

CPx Warm Air Cabinet Heater (Natural Gas, LPG and Oil Fired)

LNVx Suspended Warm Air Unit Heater (Natural Gas and LPG)

OUH Suspended Oil Unit Heater

VPx Power Vented Gas Cabinet Heater (Natural Gas or LPG)

CECx Destratification Fan (Heat Recovery)