hvac-and-environmentAir Con, Commercial Heating, Ventilation Systems that puts Energy Efficiency First 

Energy efficient air conditioning, evap cooling and ventilation is the key to a responsible workplace that seeks to fufil its CSR objectives and obligations.

It is the beating green heart that will enable your air conditioning systems or commercial heating systems to run efficiently and cost effectively.

Why some Office or Shop Air Con Systems are more efficient than others

Our cooling and ventilation engineers will optimise the performance of an air conditioning system, be it office air con or retail cooling and ventilation, by using the latest HVAC technologies, considered design and quality workmanship.

The net result is not simply a more environmentally responsible air conditioning or heating system but one which also helps lower running costs and repay capital investment faster.

An example of Commercial Air Conditioning Savings

Air conditioning systems use modern inverter technologies and management systems that reduce energy costs significantly when compared with the older less efficient traditional air con units.

We estimate that, per day, the latest 10 kW air conditioning system that uses new heat pump technology has the potential to lower running costs by up to £1.27, saving up to 5.23 Kg/CO2* (assuming electric costs 10p per kWh).

How does one Commercial Heater differ to another? 

Many of our warm air cabinet heaters can be specified with energy efficient burners with the potential to deliver efficiencies of approximately 91% net. For commercial heating this matters.

Why Destratification Fans are important to a Commercial Heating System 

Working in conjunction with commercial heater units, roof mounted de-stratification fans operate when they sense rising temperatures. They re-circulate air and recover free heat to the workplace making them an important aspect to the design of any retail heating or warehouse heating system.

Proper Service and Maintenance by Expert Commercial Heating Engineers is Essential

Air Ability support and maintain the HVAC systems we sell and install. We will also support evap cooling and ventilation, air conditioning and commercial heating systems installed by third party HVAC contractors.

Prompt and reliable after sales support is essential to the efficient and reliable running of any HVAC system. Rely on Air Ability - be it a fast repair to an ageing heater by a commercial gas engineer you can trust; or a maintenance and service contract for your commercial air conditioning or evaporative cooling system.

Commercial Ventilation and Air Filtration for a Healthier Working Environment

Effective ventilation and air filtration is essential to all workplaces.

For a cooling and ventilation system that delivers huge volumes of cool, fresh air consider Evaporative Cooling. Because it uses water to cool the air, and uses tiny amounts of electricity it is an incredibly efficient way to cool and ventilate large spaces.

Primarily suited to large spaces,  such as for warehouse or factory cooling and ventilation,  it is also an effective office air conditioning system.

The latest air conditioning units should also be considered. They offer technologies that  filter air and help remove contaminants and air pollutants.

Call the Air Conditioning Contractor that Cares. Call Air Ability

Commercial heating, shop or office air conditioning, factory and industrial evap cooling and ventilation. All these HVAC systems require an air conditioning and heating contractor who understands the value of energy and efficiency. They are the key to lower running costs and protecting the environment.

Call Air Ability or make an enquiry today. Air Ability are the air conditioning, ventilation and heating contractor that cares.




*Example for illustration purposes only - assumes an office with 8 running hours per day per annum and electricity costs of 10p per kWh. The older system is expected to have daily running costs of £2.66 and 10.95 Kg/CO2.