Evaporative Air Con Cooling & Fresh Air Ventilation; VRF Air Conditioning
Evaporative cooling introduces a continual flow of 100% fresh air that displaces hot and polluted air through roof vents.

Powerful and natural, it's the only way to cool large spaces at an incredibly low running cost.

For optimal climate control and comfort, a single or multi split VRF air conditioning system is hard to beat. Cooling or heating, it offers big performance and efficiency, and 'on demand' flexibility.


Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs; National Service and Maintenance Plans
Air Ability is a company founded by engineers, so it will come as no surprise that we consider proper and timely servicing of plant to be a necessity.

A well maintained heating or cooling system helps maintain optimum efficiency. It will extend the life expectancy, and reduce the risk of failure that can lead to costly disruption.

Air Ability offer maintenance and service plans for all the plant we install. Also HVAC supplied by others.


Commercial Heating for Warehouse, Factory, Office or Public Building
From warm air systems to radiant heaters, boilers to air curtains, Air Ability have just the commercial heating system you need. Also the expertise and experience to ensure you get the right system, and at the right price.

It may be a natural gas, LPG or oil fired; but all our heating systems share two basic traits. First they will meet the needs of your building, and second, they will offer years of reliable, energy efficient service. Our years of experience and knowledge of plant promise just that.

News and Updates

evap cooling fresh air

For Powerful Ventilation

Big on Cool, Low on Cost


It's the natural answer for effective ventilation at work.

Evaporative coolers, like the new CoolBreeze Maxima, work by continually introducing fresh air from outside. This displaces the stale and polluted hot air inside and forces it out through roof vents.

Usually the ambient temperature of the outside air is sufficient to cool even the largest indoor areas. Only on the hottest days will the cooling system kick in. Cellulose pads and water are then used to chill the fresh air as pass through into the building. Its that simple! There are no refrigerants. This adds up to very low running costs (from just a £1 a day per unit), reliable operation, and high power cooling that is environmentally kind.  Find out more about what evaporative cooling can do for you here.


AIr Con r22

R22 Ban 2015 - is your business compliant?

The Kyoto Protocol places restrictions on the use of R22. Sale and use of all recycled or recovered R22 to maintain or service air conditioning equipment is now banned. If you are still using plant with R22 (it was the commonly used refrigerant) it is important that you take action now. Call our engineers today for advice.

EPBD & F-Gas Regs - a worthy but onerous responsibility

The Energy Performance Directive now makes it a legal obligation to have an air conditioning inspection by an accredited energy assessor. The Kyoto Protocol also imposes stringent obligations for the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gas) in air conditioning systems. This includes recovery of refrigerants by certified persons and leak testing.

Discover more R22      Discover more EPBD      Discover more F-Gas

Advanced Engineering Show 

A big thanks to all those who visited the Air Ability stand at the UK's largest annual advanced engineering trade show.

Our experts enjoyed the opportunity to offer advice on the latest and most efficient HVAC kit - technologies to keep your workplace warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Of particular interest to visitors was the interactive calculator developed by Air Ability that provides instant estimates of financial and carbon savings and predict payback periods.

Another hot topic was R22 compliance. Our experts were able to offer affected visitors practical guidance on how best to manage the transition, as well as information on all the the latest HVAC regulations, including F-Gas and The Energy Performance Directive.

Air Quality at Work a Worry?

Air ABility HVAC EXPERTS van

Air Quality a Worry?

Assistance is a phone call or email away

To see if you are affected by the latest air quality regulations and help you manage compliance Air Ability will carry out an audit of your system.

If action is required we will make considered and expert recommendations and then project manage the transition.

If we recommend new plant we will present the reasons behind it and the benefits that you might expect to enjoy. Sometimes it may be as simple as being necessary to help you comply with Health and Safety regulations, but it also needs to make financial sense. To help you in that regard we will calculate your likely energy savings, payback period and CO2 savings. We will also let you know of financial incentives from the Government or Manufacturer that may help reduce or spread the cost of your investment.

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