Destratification Fans

destratification-fanDestrat Fans make commercial sense

Hot air rises. It may be from your heating units, machinery, lights or even the sun shining on the fabric of your building, but the result is the same - stratification of hot and cold layers. From floor to ceiling temperature gradients form, and the hotter your roof the greater the heat loss from your building. The result? Higher energy bills and greater carbon emissions.

Integral to effective HVAC design

Destrat fans can be used in buildings with ceilings as high as 30 metres and are typically deployed in factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars, shops, showrooms, public buildings and leisure centres. Working in conjunction with a buildings HVAC system, they form an essential part of the air distribution system that is especially valuable in modern buildings with low thermal inputs.


Save Money & the environment

Thermal destratification fans recirculate heat that might otherwise be lost back to the building’s floor. The same goes for cool air produced by air conditioning or evaporative cooling systems. Without them this energy - which of course comes at a cost to you and the environment  - can simply be lost. Depending upon your buildings dynamics and layout, the results can be significant or simply staggering.

  • Potential saving of around 20 - 50% on heating costs
  • Potential savings of around 20 - 40% on cooling costs
  • Potential reduction of around 20 - 50% in CO2 emissions
  • Running cost from just 25p per week
  • Potential to repay capital investment in just 2 years