Radiant Heating

radiant-heatingQuick & Effective

Usually mounted overhead, our lightweight radiant heaters are highly responsive, providing general or spot heating quickly and efficiently to areas it is needed.

Radiant heaters are effective in areas like doorways (for example warehouse heating) where there is regular air movement and will usually be propane, natural gas or butane fired.


The benefits of Radiant Heating

  • Heats solid objects
    Radiant heat uses infra-red energy which is absorbed by solid objects turning them, in effect, into warm storage heaters
  • Instant warmth
    Pre-heating can be expensive, radiant heaters provide warmth instantly and so can be useful in cutting the cost of heating areas that are only used occasionally
  • Specific heat means specific energy savings
    radiant heatBy heating only the intended occupants and specific areas, you only use energy where it is really needed - the result lower energy bills
  • Sssh! It's silent running
    Ambient noise can add up, and radiant heaters make for a quieter factory, warehouse, sports centre or retail outlet
  • Low cost
    Capital and installation costs are low