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As a leading air conditioning contractor Air Ability sell, install and service commercial air conditioning systems from a broad range of air con manufacturers.

Commercial air con units are efficient and effective. Air conditioning will keep your premises cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

As incredible as the latest commercial air conditioners are, your choice of the right air con unit and air conditioning contractor is critical to the performance of your air con system.

Air Conditioning Manufacturers

At Air Ability our air conditioning engineering team work closely with all the leading air conditioning manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin or Fujitsu. This relationship, combined with our experience in commercial air con, means we can take full advantage of the latest air conditioning units and technologies available. Technologies  such as Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF or VRV) and mixed mode cooling.

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The air conditioning systems we design range from a simple AC split system (with one external condensing air con unit serving a single area) to AC multi split systems (with many internal fan coils to heat or cool a number of areas).

The result? You can look forward to outstanding efficiency and higher energy savings from your air conditioning system.

Office Air Conditioning

Office air conditioning systems, indeed the majority of commercial air con systems,  require a specialist air conditioning contractor.

The solution for office cooling is usually a split or VRF/VRV air conditioning system. It offers reliability, flexibility and ease of management. Advanced controls vary the refrigerant volume circulated to match demand, using inverter technology to manage compressor speed. These air con units also feature heat pumps to provide both heating and cooling for all year round climate control.

Heat recovery systems are another highly efficient option for office cooling - they use different fan coils to recover heat and cool and deploy it where it is most in demand in your building.

From system design to specifying the right air con unit for the job, rely on Air Ability to install and maintain the perfect air conditioning system for your office.

Shop Air Conditioning

From shop air conditioning to restaurants air con, Air Ability understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable environment for customers and staff.

Air Ability use their substantial experience to design an air con system that is discreet, quiet, cost efficient and highly effective. We might specify a ducted system with diffusers, ceiling cassettes or wall suspended units. Which ever air con system we recommend, Air Ability are your ideal air conditioning contractor for shop air conditioning.

Server Room Air Conditioning

Data centres, ICT suites and server rooms require specialist air conditioning, cooling and ventilation. Our Project Managers understand close control environment design and will consider factors such as cooling loads, performance benchmarks and critical risks to ensure that the data centre air conditioning systems we install are fit for purpose.

Air Conditioning Design and Installation

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From the air conditioning unit to the air distribution system it is essential that the components are correctly sized and balanced in accordance with heating and cooling loads. Using CAD design, supported by years of experience, Air Ability will ensure that airflow is balanced and the system (including controls) set up to deliver energy efficiency and optimal performance all year around.

Simply put, a well designed air con system means less cost to the environment and less wasted money on running expenses.

Air Con Service and Maintenance

As a leading air conditioning contractor, Air Ability recognise that after sales service is crucial to our success. We have a comprehensive range of HVAC servicing options and offer maintenance contracts for ultimate peace of mind. In the unlikely event that air conditioning repair is required our call out service is timely and expert.

Applications for Air Conditioning Systems

  • Office cooling - air conditioning offers an integrated climate control all year
  • Shop air con - effective air conditioned climate control for retailers
  • Restaurant air con - for a cool, ventilated, comfortable environment
  • Commercial cooling - from leisure centre cooling to nightclub cooling
  • Factory & Warehouse cooling - although evap cooling is usually the better option (see below)
  • Workshop cooling - although again evaporative cooling is usually the answer
  • School air con - cooling, heating and ventilation for canteens and classrooms

air con contractor Air Ability install evaporative cooling and ventilation air con units like the COOLBREEZE

Factory and Warehouse Cooling

Evaporative cooling is likely to be the answer if you have a large space to air condition.

Evaporative cooling is a cost effective air conditioning solution that will not will not only cool factories and warehouses but also provide highly effective commercial ventilation.

Why Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling can provide big savings over traditional compressor air conditioning systems. Capital costs including installation are often a third of the cost, and running expenses up to 80% less.

Air Ability will do the sums for you. Our sophisticated calculator will compare air conditioning and evaporative cooling to accurately estimate the potential savings - both financial and environmental.

Take a look at this recent case study for Fun Valley. Our projections estimate that this 726 m2 play centre will save up to £57,000 and 663 tonnes of CO2 over ten years simply by utilising the latest high efficiency Cool Breeze QAD230 evaporative coolers.

Choose Air Ability as your Air Conditioning Contractor

As good as the latest air con units are, commercial air conditioning systems require careful specification, design and installation. They also need to be supported after the sale with the option of a service contract backed by an expert team of air conditioning engineers. Air Ability are that air conditioning contractor. Be it shop air conditioning, office air con, factory cooling or a ventilation system, Air Ability are the air conditioning contractor to call.


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