F-Gas Regulations

F-GAS-legislationIf you have air con it matters to you

The Kyoto Protocol has identified the necessity to reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases. There are now obligations for organisations that use F gases (for example in air conditioning systems) that include recovery of refrigerants, record keeping, new plant labelling and testing to check for leaks.

Overview of F-Gas Obligations

Only properly certified persons can recover refrigerants, additionally refrigerant leakage must be prevented (depending upon technical feasibility and disproportionate costs) and leaks should be repaired without delay.

The requirements to test for leakages depends upon the system and its F gas usage. For example a system with less than 3 kgs of F gas refrigerants fgasrequires none, 3 - 30 Kg (6 -30kg if hermetically sealed) is once a year, 30-300 kgs is twice a year (annually if fitted with automatic leak detection), and those greater than 300 kgs will be every 3 months (an automatic leakage detection system is mandatory and must be checked annually). Furthermore Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 may apply to air conditioning systems with compressor powers greater than 25kW.

How can Air Ability help?

Air Ability engineers are fully qualified to handle and safely recover refrigerants. We can commission inspections, usually when we carry out routine servicing or maintenance, and put in place a programme of checks to assist with your continuing obligations.

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