Air Curtains

air-curtainHvac savings

Air curtains keep the heat in your building during winter freezes and the heat out when temperatures soar in the summer.

Using a wall of pressurised air, air curtains help maintain the temperature of your work, leisure or retail environment by preventing the escape of heated or cooled air.

By reducing wasted energy and so lowering the running costs of your premises, air curtains offer potential savings of up to 30% on heating costs.

From retail to warehouse air curtains

Commercial or industrial, retail or public sector, Air Ability has an air curtain that will suit your needs. Designs vary, from the functional and very powerful for factories and warehouses, to the aesthetically beautiful but efficient for hotels and shops. The right solution may be ambient or heated; it may be low pressure and high volume or high pressure and low volume. However one thing is for sure, Air Ability will expertly install the right product at a price that will please you.


Benefits of Air Curtains

  • Helps prevent conditioned hot or cool air escaping
  • A more comfortable work or lesiure environment
  • Can save up to 30% on heating costs
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Can help reduce HVAC plant maintenance costs
  • Helps keep airborne pollutants and flying insects outside
  • Control system can be linked to door sensors or BMS
  • Surface or recessed models, to suit openings up to 6m high
  • Ambient (unheated) or electric / water heated models