Evap Cooling Case Studies

Reflex Labels

evap cooling case studyA cool answer for the environment at Reflex

The Challenge

It was hot on the 1420 m2 factory floor. Very hot. Printing presses, UV finishers, cutters and high tech machinery caused sweltering highs, especially in summer. Our brief? Keep it cool - with a solution that is good for the workplace and for the planet. A system that uses little energy, reduces harmful waste and cost. A mirror to the core values of Reflex, a leader in sustainable packaging in the UK.

The Solution

Four Cool Breeze QAD230 evaporative coolers with roof mount vents. Clean and green (they use water not cfc’s), the QAD230 consumes very little energy and costs up to 90% less than a traditional air conditioner to run. It is super capable too. Each unit cools 360m2 by up to 16oC with a continual flow of fresh, flitered air. Hot, stale air is expelled through roof vents. In less than a month from the initial enquiry our system was up and running, and Reflex workers exclaiming (in jest) “it’s too cold now!”.

The Result

“For the first time we can see what a well designed evap cooling system can do. We’ve had evap cooling before, from another HVAC company, but this is infinitely better. The Coolbreeze unit is a revelation. Air Ability are genuine and honest people who were professional and efficient from start to finsh. We look forward to working with them again” Shane Potter, Reflex Labels Limited

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Fun Valley

Fun-Valley-evap-coolingPutting the cool back into a play centre

The Challenge

Fun Valley was not a cool place. In fact its problem was that it was just too hot. Soaring temperatures in the family entertainment arena and cafe were one issue, the stuffy atmosphere and lingering odours were another.

Our brief was simple Fun Valley needed a HVAC solution for its 726 m2 venue. One that would make it a cool and comfortable place to be. It needed oodles of fresh, filtered air, and it needed it quick.

The Solution

Simple! Two Cool Breeze QAD230 evaporative coolers paired with a couple of roof-mounted extract units. Each serving an area of 360m2 and with the ability to reduce summer highs by up to 16oC. And ventilation? This is ensured by the continual flow of naturally cooled, fresh air that is introduced and circulated around the building. Hot, contaminated, stale air is expelled through the roof vents. All installed in just three working days, or rather early mornings and evenings, in order that our clients could operate their business without disruption at a busy time of year.

The Result

Evaporative cooling can provide big savings. Our projections estimate that Fun Valley will save up to £57,000 and 663 tonnes of CO2 over ten years simply by utilising the latest high efficiency Cool Breeze QAD230 evaporative coolers.

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Loughborough Nightclub

Soaring temperatures and a lack of air changes were causing problems for the owners of this crowded nightclub in Loughborough. Standard wall mounted air conditioning systems, installed in many areas at a significant cost by other contractors, were not enough to give the results required.

Air Ability surveyed the site and recommended the installation of a single Cool Breeze QAD 230 evaporative cooler. The system now provides 10,500m³ of cooled fresh air over the dance floor every hour. It combines with a high level extract, which removes the rising hot and stale air.

The results are outstanding. A combination of powerful evaporative air cooling and constant air changes means customers can enjoy a comfortable environment as they dance the night away.

Low cost, simple and effective evaporative cooling - a must for any nightclub owner.

Arc Fabrics Leicester

Large fabric making machines within a confined space enclosed within plastic sheeting was making it hot work for Arc Fabrics of Leicester.

Air Ability had recently installed a new heater within the warehouse area for Arc Fabrics and they called us to see if we could offer a cost-effective solution to the temperature rises within this production area.

Our solution was the installation of 2 Cool Breeze QAD 230 evaporative coolers. These systems are a simple, cost-effective way to give 100% fresh air and cooling to the problem area. Installation was completed with minimal fuss and without disruption to their production.

The evaporative coolers were mounted externally on the roof of the building with ducting supplying two simple 8 way distribution plenums. This was sufficient to give the environment up to 10 air changes per hour of evaporative cooled air solving their problem with minimum running costs.