Heating Case Studies

atlantic-airlinesAtlantic Airlines

The existing heating system at Atlantic Airlines large aircraft hanger was proving ineffective. Air Ability have provided servicing and maintenance to the equipment for many years but now was the time for an update.

Air Ability was asked to first offer advice and then provide a design specification that would reliably fulfil Atlantic Airlines heating requirements once and for all.

The major problem was that the oil fired warm air heaters were dated and inefficient. Another issue was that as soon as the main hangar door was opened all the heat was lost. To further complicate matters the building is constructed from a single skin metal cladding that leads to poor heat retention.

A number of visits later, and after extensive discussion with the customer, Air Ability were ready with the solution - a high efficiency propane gas fired Schwank radiant tube heating system. The design incorporates 14 radiant tube heaters installed at a high level within the hangar roof. It also includes a new control system, new external bulk gas LPG storage tanks and new galvanised supply pipe work. The result is an equal distribution of heat and flexible control.

Because the new radiant heating system is so efficient (especially when compared with the old oil heating) Air Ability were able to assist Atlantic Airlines gain a 5 year, unsecured, interest free Carbon Trust loan covering 90% of the project cost. As part of their service Air Ability completed all the necessary Carbon Trust application forms, including support documents that detailed the savings to be made with the new equipment.

Effective and efficient hanger, warehouse or factory heating? It's our forte!

Newark Storage

Keeping customers’ personal belongings at a reasonable temperature was becoming a problem for Newark Storage with their existing commercial heating system.

The premises, a large warehouse with individual containers storing customers’ furniture and personal belongings, required a consistent climate.

Two constraints were obvious to Air Ability – there was no natural gas supply to the premises and floor space was at a premium. Newark Storage required a solution that answered these issues but also involved minimum capital expenditure and low running costs.

The answer was to install a large capacity suspended Benson Oil fired warm air heater complete with an external bunded oil tank and optimised controller. Low running costs were assisted by the installation of de-stratification fans that circulated rising warm air back to the containers below.

Efficient and cost effective warehouse heating – a very successful answer to the client’s problem.

Lions Garages Leicester

Air Ability were called by Lions Garages following their acquisition of an additional commercial building in Leicester. Their plans for expansion included converting this new building into a large garage workshop.

With their usual efficiency Air Ability heating engineers set about the task. The most immediate necessity was to remove the existing external floor standing cabinet heater complete with ducting – it would interfere with the car lifting equipment. A new workshop heating solution was designed and installed which utilised a single high efficiency gas fired Powrmatic unit heater from the NV range. Complimented by an advanced controller, a new flue system and gas pipe work, the system is carefully balanced to provide optimal efficiency and control.

And because the highly efficient Powrmatic heater selected by Air Ability is on the Energy Technology List, Lions Garage were able to take advantage of the government Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. This allows them to offset some 30% of the cost of equipment and installation against their 1st year corporation tax.

Warm air heating for workshops, this is commercial heating at it’s best.