commercial ventilationWhat does Commercial Ventilation do?

There are many forms, but most ventilation systems work by constantly circulating clean, fresh air and extracting or displacing the stale air. Good air quality is vital in a commercial or public building.

Why Ventilation is Vital

It is not just factories and workshops that need effective ventilation. Hot, stale and sometimes noxious air can build up in any commercial or public premises where people and plant exist. Proper air handling and frequent air changes is a necessity to help ensure a productive, healthy and stable indoor environment.

Very often effective ventilation involves two processes. The first is to introduce a constant flow of cool fresh air, the second is to expell heated air along with fumes and odours. Evaporative Cooling is one system we recommend that will do both these tasks incredibly well and at a remarkably small cost.

Why Air Ability are the Commercial Ventilation Experts

ventilation design

Ventilation and Extract Design

Air Ability are experienced in all forms of climate control, cooling, heating or ventilation. From factory to warehouse, office to shop, sports hall to surgery we know what your building needs.

The ventilation system we install will be controllable, responsive and effective. Above all it will suit the needs of your premises and what you do in it.

The answer to successful ventilation can take many forms. A bespoke design and specification is usually required.

Begin the process today with a free no obligation site survey.  Our project mangers will assess the particular attributes of your workplace - for example it's construction, the types of machinery, the numbers of people -  and use this to make an accurate calculation of the heat loads.

This means that our design engineers can confidently recommend the right ventilation system for your building - be it new or replacement.

Roof Extract Ventilation

Roof Extract

They look at the HVAC solution holistically - considering all aspects of your buildings climate control - cooling, heating and ventilation.

A ventilation system should not only perform well but also be energy efficient and, if

possible, unobtrusive. Noisy ventilation extract fans quickly become more than just an irritant on a busy production line. Reliability should be a given.

In short, Air Ability will design and install a ventilation system that will suit your needs and your premise best. And like all the HVAC solutions we sell it will be great value, expertly installed and then fully supported after the sale. 

Why correct Ventilation Service and Maintenance is vital

It is important, particularly in demanding environments, that proper ventilation servicing and maintenance is done. Filters require changing; units, ducts and components need cleaning; safety devices need to be checked...

Ventilation Stores

Some workplace conditions (think industrial or factory) can be particularly harsh on a ventilation system. It is important that your ventilation unit is not just efficient, but also robust and reliable.

The good news is that, with proper upkeep, you can expect years of faithful service without costly downtime.

Of course it helps to start with the right ventilation or air conditioning unit in the first place. The manufacturers we often recommend include Cool Breeze, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu and Toshiba. We've years of experience in ventilation, so we know what the right system is for you.

We have a comprehensive range of maintenance and service plans to support the cooling, heating and ventilation systems we install.  We also support ventilation and air purification systems that have been installed by others.

Find out more about our maintenance plans here

What are the Benefits of  Good Ventilation?

ventilation dampers

Ventilation Dampers

Now, more than ever, decent ventilation is a key responsibility for operators of commercial and public premises to get right.  

Proper ventilation not only looks after your plant and the contents of your building, but also the people in it.

Get air quality right and it can help reduce absenteeism, raise morale and productivity too. An ergonomics study study by Cornell University suggests that workers in an overly cold environment not only make more errors but might even increase hourly labour costs by as much as 10%. In broad terms the ideal temperature for premises such as a warehouse or factory is 18 - 21°C and with a humidity of 40% -60% .  

Why Evaporative Cooling may be your perfect answer...evap cooling fresh air

Evaporative cooling introduces a continual flow of cool, fresh air into your premises. It is immensely powerful but also inexpensive to run. And as it continually draws fresh air in to the building it creates a constant cycle of air changes, dispelling hot and polluted air through roof vents. 

Consider the Maxima QMD230

The CoolBreeze Maxima is the cost effective way to both cool and ventilate large open spaces. It features an inverter motor for quiet operation and precise control of the climate. It is powerful too,  delivering up to 3 cubic metres of fresh filtered air per second. Do not take our word for it,  look at the BSRIA test results.*

Key Features of Maxima Evap Cooler

> Delivers up to 3m3 of fresh cool air per second*
> Inverter motor runs at 3.75A to lower running costs by up to 33%†
> Variable speed offers precision climate control
> Quiet operation
​> Performance tested at BSRIA for proven results*

Find out more about evaporative cooling here

*Fan performance 10,781 m3/hr (100% fan speed corrected for standard 20°C temp  and 1013 mbar pressure) tested at BSRIA, 6th June 2019.   † CoolBreeze QMD230 compared with CoolBreeze QAD230.